Hello fashionistas! It is time to unleash your inner Carrie Bradshaw self!

I don’t know about you but I am loving my new white tulle skirt.  It’s flirty and fun and I still wonder why it wasn’t a staple in my wardrobe before!

Sure, at first you may be overwhelmed with visions of tiaras and pink tutus from your childhood, well at least I was…  But who doesn’t want to feel like they are an updated, modern princess?!  Tutus aren’t for toddlers anymore.  This mature twist really is my latest staple to my wardrobe-let me tell you why.



My first fear when I tried on this skirt and whether I loved it was, “are other people going to think I look like a little kid?”  Sure, if it was hot pink and sequined, it may seem to veer toward the immature side of the spectrum.  But aren’t all the fashion trends derived from taking something unexpected, and putting a modern twist on it.  For me the key was to make it monochromatic, and keeping it neutral will always make it trendy and classic.









Photos by Whitney Retter ♥

This is the kind of piece that you don’t need to spend 30 minutes on and tons of money shopping to make it trendy and fun.  The second you throw it on with even the most basic of tops, some fun shoes-really anything that makes your soul happy- you will be feeling great the rest of the night.

Mix it up, put on your black (or red, or green, or blue, whatever you have!) faux leather jacket and some chucks and edge it up.  Put your hair in a ballerina high bun and a lace top and really amp up the girly-ness. Throw on a cropped jersey and play up the ultra-feminine with your tom boy look and some sneaks.

The possibilities are truly endless.  Just have fun and explore and you’ll always be fashionating. 😉


SHOP THE POST: Be sure to click the links and pictures below to get a “copy-cat” outfit just like mine!

Tulle Ballerina Skirt: $22. Don’t be afraid to get a tulle, it is super adorable and you’d look great in them!
Jersey Top: $10. You can easily get a textured-pattern top just like mine at an affordable price!
Floral Wedge sandal: $30. These wedges are not only perfect for tulle but for many outfits for the spring and summer seasons!
Pink belt: $13. This belt works perfectly with the white outfit and colorful shoes!
Audacious Lipstick: $32. Although a bit steep, you cannot go wrong without lips colored in tone with your outfit.

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