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Yoo Hoo, it’s Pinky Lee!!

Photographer: David Brotzman

Today I wanted to share with you my new favorite trend- a neck scarf. I love how just adding a scarf around your neck can so simply complete the look and add something that makes a statement. In this look, I have decided to pair my recently purchased from Madewell (underline) neck scarf with a baby pink striped button-up pajamas top. YES you read that right. I’m wearing a PJ top. Shh.. No one has to KNOW it’s “technically” a PJ top. In fashion, rules are bound to be broken.

The neck scarf is having a resurgence. BIG TIME. Bandanna and silk scarves worn around the neck are no longer reserved for those in the western flicks or 50’s sock hops. (Although I adored Mary’s blue neck bow in Grease…) This trend is the perfect way to jazz up any outfit with a case of the “blahs” and works with just about any outfit. Throw one on to add some personality to sleek work-wear or tie it on to top off a casual look with a denim jacket (like I did!). There’s also a million ways to tie these scarves.

What I think is the best part is that they are a year long accessory that is a must to have in your wardrobe! It’s wonderful how the smallest thing can make a big difference in your outfit. Go to my shop-to-post to get your very own neck-scarf just like mine!

Mixing patterns is one of my favorite things when matching up outfits!


This time, I decided to switch sides with my photographer/boyfriend- well because, one, I wanted some practice, and two- HE’S GOT A GREAT SENSE OF STYLE.

Perhaps, I’ll start a “Guys” section soon…. What do you guys think?

Fun Fact: The headquarters of Kodak was founded in Rochester, New York!

Tell me about it… what’a stud…

Thanks for reading!



SHOP THE POST: Do you like what I wore? Be sure to click on the links and pictures below to get a “copy-cat” outfit just like mine!

9″ High-rise Skinny Jeans in Black Sea $128.00. “Lean and sexy with a 9″ rise (right in ’70s rock-muse territory), this one’s legs-for-days look and super-sleek effect come from using some of the best denim in the world.”
Oxford Bedtime Pajamas Top$49.50. “Sweet dreams start with cute pajamas (it’s just science). This breezy cotton top is particularly REM cycle-inducing when paired with the matching bottoms.”
Men’s Basic Denim Jacket $49.00. A men’s basic denim jacket is a perfect for any basic throw on jacket for when it gets chilly outside. This jacket has chest pockets, fold-over flap, angled pockets, and an adjustable hem at the sides with buttons.

White Wash Bandana $12.50. You can wear this as a kerchief, tie it onto a tote, wrap it around your wrist, or even tie it in your top-knot bun! With this bandana, you can come up with endless ways to wear this timeless trend!

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